INNOVATIVE NANOMEDICINES: the contribution of the Italian NanoPharmaceutical Network

NanotechItaly 2013 - 27-29 November 2013
The workshop illustrates the products investigated by the groups constituting the Italian NanoPharmaceutical Network, with focus, among others, on cancer treatment, drug delivery to brain and advanced ophthalmic therapies. Types of nanoparticles currently studied for pharmaceutical applications include inorganic, polymeric and lipidic products. These categories include solid particles, but also self-assembling systems (i.e., micelles or vesicles). Since particle properties, such as size, surface charge and hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature, can influence their pharmaceutical performance, the fine-tuning of these properties is deeply investigated. Smart vectors able to trigger the drug release in response to external stimuli or to optimize the delivery to specific target sites are illustrated. Indeed, to build such vectors, new materials, new technologies, and overall, new structures have been considered. The goal of optimizing the drug biopharmaceutical properties by means of particulate carriers is the challenge leading to discovery and innovation

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