Inhaled Therapies for Tuberculosis - Parma 14-16 October, 2015

Parma, Italy, October 14-16, 2015

Inhaled Therapies for Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases
3rd International TB-Meeting
Aerosol therapy for the treatment of tuberculosis and pulmonary infections is growing due to the accessibility of local targeting, the complexities of treatment by conventional routes and the impressive advancement of inhalation technology. The understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms, local immunology and pathophysiology of tuberculosis dictates the strategies for delivering selected drugs and vaccines to the site of infection for successful outcomes in this important therapeutic endeavor. Difficulties may be experienced with respect to delivery of two or three potent but poorly bioavailable drugs, barriers to the treatment due to co-infection, impact of pathophysiology factors on the fate of inhaled medicines or multidrug resistance. Due to the long duration of therapy and drug combination required, treating TB by inhalation could teach how to translate the therapy outcomes to other infections prevalent in cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis or COPD.


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