This Operativie Unit works in drug delivery for precompetitive and industrial research, in a context of good laboratory practices. The studies includes aspects related to the formulation, industrial development and manufacture of medicines

Prof.ssa Patrizia Santi
Dipartimento di Farmacia
Viale delle Scienze 27/a - 43124 Parma
e-mail: patrizia.santi@unipr.it

The skills of this OU is related to pre-formulation and formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms for oral application, transdermal, ocular, nasal and lung, as well as their evaluation in-vitro.

(Prof. Patrizia Santi):
Trandermica administration of drugs, buccal and ocular administration. Preparation of solid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms. Evaluation of mechanical properties and bioadhesion of pharmaceutical forms, release and permeation across biological barriers, accumulation in tissues. Physical and chemical enhancement techniques to increase the transport of drugs.

(Prof. Ruggero Bettini)
Pharmaceutical applications of supercritical fluids, solid-state chemistry of materials for pharmaceutical use, controlled release of oral medications, both for human and veterinary drugs, natural polymers for tissue engineering.

(Prof. Paolo Colombo)
Swellable matrices for drug delivery of oral powder for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery and nano

(Prof. Marco Silvestri)
expertis on the mechanisms and systems for the design and control of automated machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry.

(Prof. Alessandro Tasora)
Expertise on issues of granular flow and process technologies.

National Progjects (2009-2012)
15-12-2009 / 15-06-2011 Novel anti-malaria therapy in adults and children: application of controlled release technologies. Accordo Mi.S.E.- ICE - CRUI Attuazione 2008, Project n. 071


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  • Prof. Patrizia Santi

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    Subunit: Crystallization and characterization of solid phases and polymorphs

    This subunit is devoted to crystallization techniques and to the corresponding structural characterization: determination of the crystal structure and of the absolute molecular conformation, singling out and definition of polymorphic, hydrated or solvated forms.

    (Prof. Alessia Bacchi:)
    Crystallization and characterization of molecular structure and crystalline form of drugs with reference to the individuation of polymorphs, solvate and co-crystals. Techniques of X-ray diffraction on single crystal and on powders, also at non-ambient conditions.

    (Prof. Alberto Girlando)
    Characterization of organic molecular crystals, with different optical spectroscopy methods. Particular expertise is on micro-Raman spectroscopy in the Tera-Hertz spectral region for the quick identification of polymorphs, also as a function of temperature or high pressure.

    Recent references
    Prof. Alessia Bacchi

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  • Prof. Alberto Girlando

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